Master Data Management System by IT.integro 
vs Master Data Sync by Microsoft

The spring release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central introduced a new tool, Master Data Sync.
This article presents the differences between our Master Data Management System and Master Data Sync.

How does Master Data Sync for Business Central work?

Upload master data to a local company

Access to the master data repository

Master Data Sync is part of the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central. In Master Data Sync all operations are initiated by local companies that have access to the master data repository. All business entities within the group can subscribe to data and upload this data to their respective databases in Business Central. Master data management is performed at the local company level.

Downloading data from the central repository

The solution is useful only for uploading data to the local company. For example, a newly created company can download data to its database from a central repository. It enables setting up the company in an efficient way and in accordance with the rules, such as setup rules, agreed upon by the group. However, because operations are performed at a local company level, Master Data Sync enables each company to modify master data in a different way.

Master Data Management System Applikation

How does Master Data Management System work?

Upload master data to a local company

Maintain master data consistency across the group of companies

As a headquarters, I need the data to be consistent in some areas
(e.g. same items, same G/L accounts, same permissions)

Ensuring data consistency across companies

The main objective of the Master Data Management System application is to ensure the consistency of data within a group of companies. Although companies store the same types of data, they may register them differently. For example, companies can assign different numbers to the same item, which as a result hinders the comparison of data for this item. Data inconsistency issues can also apply to contractors, customers, BOMs or charts of account.

Centralized datasets creation and synchronization

Master Data Management System enables companies to create datasets in the Master company (headquarters) and replicate this data to Dynamics 365 Business Central databases in local companies. Local companies are not permitted to modify the datasets. The master data structure is created and modified in the Master company, and then the data is synchronized with other companies.

Synchronization across environments and BC versions

In addition, Master Data Management can connect different companies, regardless of whether they use Business Central in the same environment or on the single tenant, or if they use the application version for BC on-premises or on-cloud. Different versions of the system or a different upgrade stage do not affect data synchronization between companies either.

The direction of synchronization is the main difference between Master Data Management System and Master Data Sync, and it determines the purpose of both solutions.

Which solution will be more suitable for my company?

The main purpose of Master Data Sync is to streamline the setup of a new company by utilizing the data uploaded from the repository (or a Master company). This process is also supported by Master Data Management System. However, if maintaining data consistency within all companies in the group is a critical issue, only Master Data Management System offers capabilities that cater for this requirement.


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