Intercompany Insights

Access to complete inventory information and customer/vendor balances

Organisations operating within a group may struggle with insufficient access to information - even though they share the same management system. While maintaining cooperation, they should ensure access to inventory information as well as customer and vendor balances in other companies, which is crucial for their own transactions. To provide a detailed insight into this data, the Intercompany Insights module has been developed.

Intercompany Insights is a proprietary application developed by IT.integro, enabling local companies to share data on inventory and customer/vendor balances within a given group. The solution facilitates not only checking item availability, but also planning orders based on the most beneficial scenario - e.g., from vendors within the group offering the best prices, avoiding customers with registered payment delays or locating companies with excess inventory

Tracking from multiple documents with the filtering option

The module offers advanced filtering options, including control based on specific companies, items or their variants for individual companies. Tracking of stock levels can be done from different levels - sales, purchase and production documents. In addition, users can view customer statistics. Intercopmany Insights facilitates currency conversion within transactions. The application is available in both on-premises and on-cloud models with the same functionality.


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Sample features of Intercompany Insights

Item availability overview

The tab provides detailed information on the company's inventory, enabling users to check item numbers, location codes, units of measure used, availability, demand, and orders.

Sales and purchase document cards

Equipped with a new field, new actions and new FactBox, sales and purchase document cards ensure access to the Availability Overview, where users can view the full availability of items for a line item or variant combination and display availability details for an item/variant combination. All actions can be performer from sales and purchase documents as well as  item and planning sheets.

Customer Balance Overview

Customer Balance Overview in Intercompany Insights stores information about customer balances across companies. If needed, the module allows you to calculate the amounts taking into account relevant exchange rates.

Customer statistics

Intercompany Insights add-on displays Customer statistics composed of two fields – ICI Balance and ICI Overdue Balance. They represent the sum of all fields of entries in the ICI Customer Balance Overview for the particular company you are working with.

The benefits of Intercompany Insights

enhanced inventory management processes in multi-company organizations and capital groups working with Dynamics 365 Business Central
 improved control and insight into inventory levels in each location,
fast inventory availability calculation per subsidiary, location, item and item variant
enhanced handling of customer requests regarding item availability
reduction of slow-moving stock levels
streamlined inventory transfers between locations
reduction of sales to customers with overdue payments

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Patrik Nordblad

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