The Global Integration Apps

Solutions for multi-site and multi-national organizations

The Global Integration Apps is a series of solutions created for multi-site and multi-national companies and allows you to: 

Synchronize and exchange data between multiple Dynamics 365 Business Central tenants and databases
Manage and track intercompany transactions in real-time
Share inventory availability and customer balances overviews among companies in the group

Global Integration Apps are produced by IT.integro –  the strategic Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner in Central and Eastern Europe. IT.integro successfully carries out global and multi-language implementation projects for corporations and capital groups. Until now, the company has already completed international implementations projects for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) in 58 countries and supports foreign language users worldwide.  

All of the apps provided by IT.integro are distributed by around 200 partners all over the globe. 

Discover our Global Integration Apps:

Master Data Management System

Master Data Management System is an app that ensures data consistency and synchronization in an international organisation working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV). The app replicates data from all tables within the system.

Benefits of Master Data Management System implementation:

efficient data management
effective flow of information
implementation of EDI
maintaining uniform pricing and distribution polices
integration of multiple subsidiaries and groups
monitoring data and processing in real time

Advanced Intercompany

Advanced Intercompany is an app designed for international companies that manage intercompany trade between different subsidiaries within the group. With its functionality extensions, the app adds new capabilities to the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central (to see the comparison, click here).

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Benefits of Advanced Intercompany implementation:

automated workflow and information exchange
reduced error risk
tracking the value of goods in transit
streamlined sales and purchase transactions in Dynamics 365 Business Central
verifying orders before confirmation
consolidated financial statements thanks to efficient value reconciliation for goods in transit

Intercompany Insights

Intercompany Insights – is a solution that adds new views in Dynamics 365 Business Central where you can display data maintained in other companies within the group such as inventory availability or customer balances data.

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Benefits of Intercompany Insights implementation:

reduced slow moving stock
insight into specified data within the group
increased control over outstanding balances

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Our customers

I must say the design that went into this addon is extremely clean and one of the best I’ve seen! It is also very simple and transparent. IT.integro’s team has done wonderful work here!
Don Saito
CEO ERP Efficiency Experts, LLC
Thanks to MDMS, we managed to standardize data between the databases maintained in two different data centers (in Europe and North America), ensuring the high quality of the data at the same time. This way, the exchange of inter-company documents became much more effective. With standardized and harmonized data, we are also able to streamline report creation in our BI tools.
We decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated with LS Retail because the existing ERP system limited the growth of our business - it worked only locally and lacked scaling capabilities. We were looking for a global solution – the one that was unified and could be used by all company locations. The solution that would provide secure and instant access to a coherent database and reliable analytical tools. To achieve the desired effect, MDMS - a module supporting the management of central data was implemented. The new tool allows more effective monitoring of business activities carried out in individual subsidiaries and seamless data synchronization.
CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, Cross Poland Sp. z o. o.
MDMS was implemented in June 2017. The solution, powered by IT.integro, was developed to facilitate central control of all master data related to financial transactions, customers, vendors, items and system settings. The system has helped Kleen-Tex to effectively administer our master data and keep it consistent between the databases. Due to the high volume of intercompany transactions, we have, this has helped a lot in streamlining the documents between systems. We are currently testing the new version of MDMS that will give us additional functionality, such as direct SQL to SQL replication. We are happy to comment on those features after we have time to test them and use them in a productive setting.
IT DIRECTOR Kleen-Tex Industries