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Our special offer is exclusively for partners attending the Directions EMEA conference
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We have something special for you:

Only now, at Directions EMEA, 
we offer our Global Integration Apps
package at a 30% discount

This limited offer is available exclusively for partners attending the conference.
  • Remember to fill out the registration form with your company details by the end of Friday (November 11, 2022) to qualify for our promotion!
  • The license order must be signed by June 30, 2023, at the latest.
  • The promotion is valid until June 30, 2025.
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Do you know that almost 50% of organizations that use Business Central* operate as multisite, multinational organizations or corporate groups?

And this number is still growing. Such groups with more and more companies expanding their operations into new locations need the solutions like Master Data Management System, Advanced Intercompany and Intercompany Insights to make all business processes work smoothly.

Probably, you already have customers with similar needs, and if not, you will. Are you ready to expand your offer and meet the expectations of your customers?

* or Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What will you get 
in the Global Integration Apps package?

The Global Integration Apps package consists of 3 solutions, including Master Data Management System, Advanced Intercompany, Intercompany Insights designed for multi-site and multi-national companies, and it allows you to:

  • Synchronize and exchange data between multiple Dynamics 365 Business Central tenants and databases
  • Manage and track intercompany transactions in real-time
  • Share inventory availability and customer balances overviews among companies in the group

The apps are distributed by a network of around 200 IT.integro partners worldwide.

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And it is not all we have prepared for you. Here are some of the other perks!

  • We offer marketing support with marketing collateral including descriptions of our apps for partners’ websites, folders, and leaflets with your company logo in PDF format, mock-ups, your company logo's presence and address at, and much more.
  • Free Service Desk
  • Access to the Global Integration Apps documentation
  • Training videos
  • Webinars
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Are you ready for the next step in your business? Get more, pay less

If your customers are already using at least one of our applications, don't worry about the discount! If you decide to buy additional applications from the package,
you will receive a 30% discount on them as well.

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The Rules of the Promotion

The Rules of the Promotion

  1. The promotion is organized by IT.integro sp. z o.o, with headquarters in Poland - Poznań, ul. Ząbkowicka 12.
  2. To take part in the promotion, you are required to complete the application form which is available at booth G1 or on the website at from 9th – 11th November 2022.

  3. Only Business Central Partners attending Directions EMEA 2022 on November 9-11, 2022, can take advantage of this promotion.

  4. The form must be completed by an employee of the partner company during the Directions EMEA conference period on November 9-11, 2022.
  5. All information provided by the Partner in relation to the promotion must be true, accurate and complete.

  6. Partners who have not implemented the Global Integration Apps solutions for their customers, and those who have implemented at least one of the applications in their customer's company are eligible for this promotion.

  7. To take advantage of the promotion, Partners are required to purchase the license for their customers by June 30, 2023 and the license billing period should start on July 1, 2023 at the latest.

  8. Partners who have not signed the Reseller Agreement with IT.integro must sign it before ordering licenses for their customers.

  9. The rules of the promotion that have been described herein are effective until June 30, 2025.

  10. The promotion applies to both SaaS and on-premises Business Central customers (Perpetual and Subscription licenses).

  11. Except for the case described in section 13, the promotion requires the purchase of all the three Global Integration Apps together.

  12. A customer who cancels the use of one of the Global Integration Apps during the promotion period (i.e., until June 30, 2025) loses the discount on the other apps.

  13. A customer who has ordered a license for one of the Global Integration Apps prior to the start of the promotion (November 9, 2022) is entitled to take advantage of the promotion provided that it orders the remaining applications of the package by June 30, 2023.

  14. During the promotion period (i.e., until June 30, 2022), licenses for additional users (due to the increase in the number of Business Central users) can also be purchased at a 30% discount.

  15. After June 30, 2025, the cost of Business Central subscription, will be calculated based on the standard price list for individual applications of the Global Integration Apps package. If a customer purchases a Perpetual license, and its Business Central license is extended after this date, it will also purchase users according to the standard price list published at:


All of the apps provided by IT.integro are distributed by around 200 partners worldwide. Presently, MDMS is offered by 30 IT.integro partners, and their number is growing continuously.

See what our Partners say about Global Integrations Apps

One of the most complex part of the project is making customer specific functionality. In a lot of cases we had to make customers’ specific functionality, to fulfill the customers' needs, for Advanced Intercompany functionality. We used the help of Advanced Intercompany of IT.integro, we can reduce the number of customers' specific functionalities, which makes projects much easier and much better, and much more plannable.
“In the past 3 years, at NORRIQ, we redesigned our vertical solution - Drink-IT, for SaaS. We analyzed which requirements we want to cover ourselves within the technology of the platform and for which we could involve an existing solution. We now connect to Master Data Management System and Advanced Intercompany instead of covering this in our solution. We are glad to involve good and market-leading existing solutions with a reliable partner to create the best ecosystem for our customers and partners globally”.
Dynamics 365 Business Central Apps
“The most useful feature in Master Data Management System, in my opinion, is the underlying authorization concept. The very good possibility to control which data is replicated to which extent to the different clients or even only populated”.
“Advanced Intercompany is very important for our international customers. It helps them with the automation of the order processing, which makes them more efficient. But it also reduces the lead time for the customers, and it reduces errors. At the end, it brings the customer experience of our customers' customers on higher level”.